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Our CMS Framework vs other systems (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla...)

Our CMS Framework vs other systems

Why Web Developers Should NOT Use Open Source CMS (like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal...)

WordPress is a free piece of web software originally designed for making blogs, and now full websites or complex one.

Security. There are millions of websites using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal who are an obvious target for hackers. If a hacker find a vulnerability or bugs in one system it is likely that this exists on many of the others. Once a vulnerability has been found it can be automatically exploited on every similar website found. Once a website has been hacked it can be difficult to fix. We implemnent SuperSpeed and SuperSecurity technologies in our Framework.

Plugins. Plugins are a fantastic idea. Each plugin is an extension written by a third-party developer. They each add functionality to WordPress that is not in the original system. Unfortunately as there are so many plugins, written by so many people, many have their own security vulnerabilities and issues. Many plugins are written by hobbyists to do something for their own site, they release the code for free and then forget about it. In our Framework, we implement many features (which are available in Wordpress only by plugins) directly in our core features.

Support. As WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other systems are open source, they are free and developed by the 'community'. This is a good idea and allows such software to remain free. However it does cause an issue with support. As there is no official development team, and as the client has never paid anyone for the software, there is no phone number to call and no guaranteed way of getting a response. Therefore if a client’s website breaks, perhaps after an update, any errors can be hard to diagnose. The usual process is to use Google to search various support forums, and if no one else has had the same issue, post a ticket to a forum, and hope that someone can help you fix your issue. Even then a client, or web developer, is only likely to receive a pointer in the right direction, and will need to do a fair bit of work themselves. This can be difficult for a professional web developer, and can prove almost impossible for many web designers who only know how to install and use WordPress. Support for our softwares is free. Updates for bugs and error fixes always will be free. We offer free support by email, support tickets and Skype. Our softwares are based on a well documented Framework.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). There are lots of SEO plugins for WordPress, and by picking and choosing the correct ones you can achieve a certain level of optimisation. However, you never have the fine control that you get with a custom website, and therefore full search engine optimisation is not possible. Speed The speed of a website affects the SEO as well as the general user experience. As WordPress caters for many different styles of websites and has lots of features that are often unused, the code is very ‘bloated’. This means you’re server is processing a lot more code than it needs to which means each page is slower and you will reach the limits of your server much quicker. One of the advantages of a bespoke website is that it can do exactly what is required with no unnecessary overheads, and therefore run very efficiently. Our framework is optimized for search engines without need to install aditional plugins or extensions. We use SEO urls, optimized website structure, responsive and optimized images, clean and valid code, sitemap, feeds, you can define custom meta and custom url structure for every page, responsive templates, optimized code (php and mysql queries), we use cache system for fast pages loading, and many more...

Themes. WordPress has a set of default designs, also known as themes. This is an advantage as clients can choose from a library of themes that get installed easily. The down side is that a lot of the WordPress themes seem to look similar, so that means a client’s website is often unlikely to look original, added. If a theme isn’t exactly what a client wants it will need to be customised anyway. The advantage with a custom built website is that it can be designed exactly how the client wants. The designer does not need to fit the client’s requirements into pre-built boxes, but can start literally with a blank canvas to produce a truly original design Summary Wordpress is a powerful piece of software that allows people with minimal knowledge of web design set up a web site fairly quickly. And for personal use it is unsurpassed. However, for business use you have to question whether it is a good choice to use software that is regularly hacked, offers slow performance and requires continual technical attention. We make clean, beautiful and responsive themes using Bootstrap Framework.

We use Smarty Template Engine and Bootstrap framework.

Advantages using Smarty Engine:

- separation of presentation (front end design) from application code (PHP code)
- clean code, easy to moddify
- fast development/deployment for programmers and designers
- syntax easy to understand, no PHP knowledge required

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap has become an increasingly popular front-end development framework. Mobile devices continue to grow in popularity year after year. The need to have a responsive website is becoming increasingly important. Creating mobile ready websites is a breeze with Bootstrap thanks to the fluid grid layout that dynamically adjusts to the proper screen resolution.

Why our softwares are so cheap? Other commercial software cost hundreds of dollars.

For commercial softwares, there are two business models. While other developers choose to setup an expensive price for their software, we choose to setup a lower price and gain more profit by selling to many more customers. In this case, there is an advantage for you (as a customer) and for us (as a developers). Of course, you can easily change our templates or create new templates to give a unique look for your website. If you are not a developer, we can create for you unique templates or implement aditional features at a reasonable price.

Your business is unique and your website should reflect that.