Social Counter PHP Script

Social Counter PHP Script

This Social Counter script shows how many people liked, comment or shared a specific page on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and other social networks

You can count: Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook comments, Google Plus counter, Pinterest counter, Reddit score, LinkedIN counter and StumbleUpon counter.

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Responsive and Clean Layout

Responsive layout - works on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Clean code. Template is based on Bootstrap framework: simple, clean, responsive template and easy to modify.

6 Social Networks Counter

You can count: Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook comments, Google Plus counter, Pinterest counter, Reddit score, Linkedin counter and StumbleUpon counter.

Note: Twitter counter is not available, because Twitter disabled Shared count from their API. (more details)

Share Results

You can share results on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Stumbleupon

Check Bulk URLs

You can count bulk urls. Enter multiple urls and return a table with results

Export Results

You can export results in a CSV file. This file contain a this results: Facebook total, Facebook comments, Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Google+ and Pinterest

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • The script is optimized for search engines (like Google)
  • You can setup meta title, meta description and meta keywords

Easy to install and monetize

  • The script can be installed in one minute, very easy. Just upload files and your website is ready to go.
  • Easy monetize this site. You can add any ads code (like Google Adsense)

Script requirements

  • PHP5+
  • cURL module enabled (most webhosting companies have this module enabled)

Script Demo

Demo Website:


The script can be installed only if you have an active license for your domain. A single license can be used for a single location.

Subdomains are considered separate sites and must have a separate license.

Software license agreement

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  • Each license is valid only for a particular domain or subdomain.
  • In case you sell a domain script is installed, the license is transferred to the new owner. Contact us in case you sell a domain script is installed.
  • In case you want to move the script to another domain, the license may be transferred to the new domain (the script must be deletet from the old domain and the license from old domain will be canceled). Contact us if you want to move the script to another site / domain.


  • You cannot sale or distribution (free or for a fee) our scripts or some piece of scripts code.
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  • Support for our scripts are included for free for our clients.
  • 100% full source code.
  • Easy installation (only 1 minute).
  • You can INSTANTLY download the script after purchase.


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